In 2010 I filmed ten seconds of every single day and edited all the clips together to make an hour-long film, ‘Ten’. The finished film is part home-video, part documentary. It has moments of beauty, like a ladybird climbing a flower in the sunshine, and moments of dull, monotony, namely me putting the shopping away. Together the clips make up an honest, snapshot portrayal of a fairly ordinary year (though there are some surprises along the way).

Ten is a social document on life in the early twenty first century; it’s a hypnotic, compelling piece of film and it goes to show how little, and how much, can happen in one year. You can read a full article about Ten here.

I presented the film at Studio 106 in Hove and at Shop in Bristol where it got a lovely warm response.

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Below is an excerpt of the film by way of the results for January.