The 40 Challenges

  1. Swim outdoors in England, Wales and Scotland over three consecutive days
  2. Do a triathlon
  3. Spend a day writing songs
  4. Sleep under the stars
  5. Cycle round the Isle of Wight
  6. Swim to an island
  7. Make a music video / takeaway show
  8. New years day swim in the sea
  9. Month without Facebook
  10. (Godless) Pray
  11. Write 40 short stories of 40 words each
  12. Complete a 1.5k open water swim
  13. Do the Big Chill Swim
  14. Volunteer
  15. Bake some bread
  16. Make a piece of land art in memory of Irene Mensah
  17. Go skinnydipping
  18. Go camping with Elliott
  19. Night time walk
  20. Make jam
  21. Enter the South Downs film competition
  22. Draw a mini-comic
  23. Enter a mountain bike race
  24. Enter the Microadventure film competition
  25. Enter a photography competition
  26. Make a mix on Mixcloud
  27. Karen’s hippy challenge
  28. Give a talk/reading
  29. Take a beercan pinhole camera photo
  30. Write a Christmas song
  31. Beat last year’s time for the Marlow 750m open water swim
  32. Enter the 24-hour zine challenge
  33. Have a stall at a self-published book fair ?
  34. Do either the Hastings Crown Hill Bike Ride or the Frome Cobble Wobble
  35. Climb a mountain (The Old Man of Coniston)
  36. Phone Dr Karl & Rhod
  37. Enter the KCRW 24 hour radio race
  38. Plant a tree / do some guerilla gardening
  39. Do something nice for a stranger
  40. Try to get a magazine article published