I’ve always written, be it in journals, blogs or Christmas cards. When I was 14 I wrote a brilliant short story for English. It was about a violent robot that had the downloaded memory of a dead cop. Both story and robot were called, brilliantly, Anti Crime Interface Device or ACID. I think there was some film out at the time that resembled the premise, plot and characters, but, you know, some people say that Steve Martin’s Roxanne was a copy of some old French film.

I’ve always written, but lately I’ve been trying to make my writing a bit more focused than my usual scrawled, soul-searching journal entries or blog posts about how much I hate Miquita Oliver.

An angry encounter with a Sussex hunt led me to write a rant about modern day heroes like hunt saboteurs, which formed the basis of a 24-page fanzine about walking called The Wanderer. It has given me the chance to play journalist, photographer, illustrator, designer and editor in one go and, most excitingly, to being recognised and then commissioned by Country Walking magazine.

I have also tried my hand at scriptwriting and I finally came up with a slightly more original work than ACID. It’s a short film called Flutters and you can download the whole script as a pdf.

I’m very much a fledgling writer but I’m enjoying honing my skills and trying to make sure I don’t start every sentence with ‘so’ like the rest of the internet world seems to.