In 2009-2010 I did an evening class in scriptwriting for film and television. To complete the course I had to write a script for a short film. The result was Flutters.

Flutters is about a young woman who affects electric objects around her, sending computers haywire and making streetlamps flicker and flutter. The story tells the journey she makes to find out why this is happening to her.

I had the idea in my head for years after an incident when I was going though a bad time and spontaneously wiped a computer hard drive and made a streetlamp turn off and on again. Much later I read about a ‘study’ called the Street Lamp Initiative where the phenomenon of people, or SLIders, affecting street lamps was studied. There was also this local newspaper article. I mean… nonsense, but it had great story potential.

I would love to see this made into a short film. I’m planning to turn it into a paper cutout ‘animation’ Mary, Mungo & Midge style but this will take some time.

Read the Flutters script here.