Hello, I’m Simon. I’m a graphic designer by profession and I run my own business, The Ethical Graphic Design Company Ltd. in Wellington, Somerset.

I’m also a fledgling writer, amateur photographer, occasional illustrator, intermittent film-maker, wannabe musician and full time thesaurus enthusiast, all of which you can see fine examples of on this site.

My latest venture is in self-publishing. Yes, I have written a book about all of my failed projects and ideas. It may not be Hemingway but I’m very proud of it. Click here to download an excerpt.

To see what I’m up to at the moment, look here. Otherwise please have a wander around and get in touch if you need me to write a best-selling film script or something.

I was once on stage with The Brotherhood of Man.
I was at a Brotherhood of Man concert for children in Birmingham with my older brother and sister when I was about 5 years old. As far as I can remember, one of the members of the band shouted to the audience, “Come on everybody!”. I took it literally and ran on stage. They plonked me next to the keyboard player with a xylophone (which they gave to me afterwards) while they sang a song, turning round and smiling at me throughout with their enormous toothy grins. To read more stupid anecdotes like this one, download an excerpt from my book here.