Interview with a mermaid

A couple of years ago I entered KCRW’s 24-hour Radio Race. Participants are given a loose theme and have to make a short piece for radio in the given 24 hours. I had great fun doing it – rushing down to Lyme Regis to meet up with some sea swimmers, going for a swim with them and asking them about swimming afterwards – but the results were, frankly, pretty terrible. I forgot to turn the recorder on for a good section of it and I had to learn how to edit pretty quickly. The sound was too quiet, the pace too slow and I didn’t tell much of a story, but I just loved doing it!

So I thought I’d try again, this time without such a tight deadline. I arranged to meet up with someone I followed on social media, the St Ives Mermaid, to talk about being a mermaid, growing up in Cornwall and the joys of swimming in the sea. We went for a swim to break the ice; she showed me her incredible underwater swimming skills which I failed to emulate and then she graciously answered my disjointed questions.

I’m quite proud of the finished piece, even though it could be shorter and it needs some other sounds in there. Have a listen and let me know what you think:

Swim Stories – Interview with a Mermaid