19th Challenge complete

My family tree August 2014I’ve gone as far as I can presently go in making my family tree. I previously knew very little about my family history – even my dad’s immediate family was never really spoken of – so I really had to pin my parents down to get all the information they knew. From this I managed to go back a couple more generations. I didn’t find anything that surprising, apart from finding a disproportionate amount of nailmakers in my family. Here are a few facts from my challenge:

  • Furthest reached: William Bonser, born 1805, my Great Great Great Grandfather
  • Best name: Fanny Gardner, my Great Grandmother’s maiden name
  • Most in need of contraception: David Bonser, my Great Grandfather, father of 12 children
  • Most tragic/idiotic death: Fred Bonser, my Great Uncle, died aged 10 while diving underneath a canal barge