28th Challenge complete

Bossington BeachHow much does it take to organise a beach clean-up? Bring along a couple of bin bags? Whoever was meant to be organising the Marine Conservation Society’s Great British Beach Clean at Bossington Beach, just down the road from Minehead, couldn’t even do that. About 10 volunteers turned up – including me so that I could tick off my ‘volunteer’ challenge – but no organiser. We stood around for a minute or two and then decided to just start collecting rubbish ourselves.

My dog Juju can’t walk very far now so she just sat down on the rocks and refused to go any further while I wombled up the beach picking up the odd bit of litter. I didn’t have a plastic bag so I had to use one of Juju’s poo bags to collect rubbish. Plastic bottles wouldn’t fit in it so I had to balance them in my arms.

Considering the beach already looked pretty clean we collected a fair bit of rubbish. Someone nipped back and got a couple of bin bags and we managed to fill them.

I don’t feel like I earned this challenge. Maybe I need to do something else.