30th Challenge complete

It was last year that I first mentioned my 40 challenges to my friend Karen. She suggested that she could give me a challenge. We had just been talking about how excrutiating I would find some of the hippy workshops that she goes to, shamanic journeys, reiki healings and the like. So that was of course what she thought would be a good challenge for me. My partner and I moved away from Karen so it made it difficult for us to attend any workshops. Instead she challenged me to do something she had been doing online: a 21 day gratitude challenge on Facebook. Every day I had to post three things that I was grateful for that day on The Gratitude Club Facebook group.

I did it. It was tough. On some days I had just done the same that I do every day. Get up, make porridge, go upstairs to work, walk the dog at lunchtime, go back to work, make dinner, put my boy to bed, watch crap on telly, go to bed, repeat. But having to find things that I was grateful for kind of made some bits of the day sparkle. The walk with my dog was a memorable little jaunt with my best friend. Putting Elliott to bed was a fun little moment having a splash in the bath. Life is all about moments after all.

I didn’t like posting my thanks on a public website though. It seemed smug sometimes. On a site that’s about presenting a public profile it didn’t seem balanced showing a purely positive perspective when sometimes you’d had a crap day. Life’s not all roses, nor is it meant to be. For that reason, I don’t think I would carry on doing this practice. It was certainly enlightening though.