33rd Challenge complete

Night swimming at Goodrington Beach, PaigntonHalloween. I had just finished 3 weeks of solid work. I had just had a hectic day. I drove through rush-hour traffic down the M5 to Goodrington Beach, Paignton to meet up with the other Happy Wild Swimming group for a Halloween night swim. I was late. I hadn’t even had time to get a costume. I got out of the car and straight into my wetsuit, barely able to talk with leftover stress from the day and drive, following the fancy-dressed group down the beach.

It was just a quick swim. More of a wade for me. I had a quick go at crawl and it was very strange swimming in the dark but, not that different from usual outdoor swimming. Maybe it’s because I close my eyes when I’m underwater!

Nice to have a drink with everyone afterwards. They’re a great group to swim and socialise with.