Extra Channel Swim Challenge complete

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 08.57.09This wasn’t one of my challenges for this year but I’ve done it by accident. I’ve just swum to France! Well, not really, but over the last 8 months, in training for, and including, my open water swims, I’ve swum 35470 metres, that’s about 22 miles, that’s 1418 lengths of a 25m length pool, in 4 different pools, 2 different lidos, 1 river and 1 lake. That’s about 18 hours of swimming in total, spread over 29 sessions. I finished this morning in beautiful Wivey Pool. Now, where’s my passport?

20th Challenge complete

The Severn Mile SwimMy first mile-long outdoor swim completed. I did it in the beautiful town of Shrewsbury down the River Severn for the Severn Mile Swim. I panicked when I got in and it took a while to calm down and relax into it. More of a type-2 fun this one (more enjoyable after completion) but I’m very pleased that I did it.

Time: 33m 10s
Place: 3rd from last in my wave, 7th from last overall (but at least I wasn’t last!)

Oh dear… it’s August and I’ve only got half way with my challenges!

19th Challenge complete

My family tree August 2014I’ve gone as far as I can presently go in making my family tree. I previously knew very little about my family history – even my dad’s immediate family was never really spoken of – so I really had to pin my parents down to get all the information they knew. From this I managed to go back a couple more generations. I didn’t find anything that surprising, apart from finding a disproportionate amount of nailmakers in my family. Here are a few facts from my challenge:

  • Furthest reached: William Bonser, born 1805, my Great Great Great Grandfather
  • Best name: Fanny Gardner, my Great Grandmother’s maiden name
  • Most in need of contraception: David Bonser, my Great Grandfather, father of 12 children
  • Most tragic/idiotic death: Fred Bonser, my Great Uncle, died aged 10 while diving underneath a canal barge

14th Challenge complete

Yesterday was rubbish. How can I make today good.Today I finished my 24 hour zine. It was meant to be done in July for the 24 Hour Zine Thing but I wouldn’t have had time in July. I had a great 24 hours documenting lots of things that made me happy, a task in itself for me.

Being a purist, I would like you to see the finished zine in its glorious paper format but I did this one in colour and I can’t afford to get loads printed so you’ll just have to do with this pdf.

11th Challenge complete

To complete a ‘classic’ was my dare.
I scanned my dusty, leaning shelf,
Found a pristine, black, ‘Onegin’ there
And found an hour to please myself.
What started out interminable,
Like English class, abominable,
Became, throughout a few days’ grind,
A joy to read its plot unwind.
I rode along with Eugene the fop,
I moped with Tatyana as well,
Disliked Olga the hard-boiled belle
And saw Vladimir’s corpse in its drop.
But now I’ve failed in trying to mime
A. Pushkin’s classic, tragic, rhyme.